Nutrition company ‘Habit’ will tell you what to eat based on your DNA

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Over the past few decades, there have been diets that focus on increasing protein, eliminating fats, lowering calories—you name the food group, a diet fad has been centered around it.

[Habit, a] new California-based company is working to get at the root cause of why it believes diets fail: None of them focus on the dieter’s unique genetic makeup.

…[A] growing body of research suggests that one of the reasons diets often fail is that the same foods can affect people in incredibly different ways…[which makes it] hard to create a diet that will work for everyone. That’s why many scientists are turning to the idea of personalized nutrition or nutrigenomics: Analyzing our DNA to figure out what foods will make us healthiest.

Habit plans to use genetic markers to identify your ideal meal, and send that meal directly to your door.


Science seems to back up this idea…[but] Habit is in its early stages and in a similar light researchers are still attempting to uncover all the factors that influence how we digest and metabolize food.

For now, the research alone on personalized nutrition and nutrigenomics makes Habit seem promising as an idea if the science follows through.


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