Genetic Literacy Project’s Top 6 Stories for the Week, October 31, 2016

From this past week, here are the #GLPTop6 among many great stories on human and agriculture genetics around the world. Please share and help spread the news!

  1. Do Big Ag companies sue or harass innocent farmers for unknowingly planting patented seeds? by Layla Katiraee
  2. CRISPR-Cas9 is hot but it’s not the only way to edit a genome by David Warmflash
  3. Buzz Kill: How the Sierra Club uses scare tactics about bee health and twists the science to raise money by Andrew Porterfield & Jon Entine
  4. Stonyfield’s Gary Hirshberg raised more than half a million dollars to try to ‘buy’ Clinton’s support for mandatory GMO labels by Julie Kelly
  5. IVF doesn’t cause low sperm counts in boy babies—Genes do by Meredith Knight
  6. A voting guide for 2016 for those who care about science by Genetic Literacy Project
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