Could humans one day regenerate their body parts?

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….Being able to regenerate body parts that become damaged or dismembered like that of a starfish would be a great power to have. No longer would anyone need to worry about bionic body parts, when you can just grow yourself a new one.

As far fetched as the idea sounds, it’s not completely out of the question. There are several processes in life that we have been able to mimic in both animals and humans, so why should this be any different?…  

Billie Swalla is Director of Friday Harbor Laboratories and a biology professor at the University of Washington and says, “I really think we as humans have the potential to regenerate, but something isn’t allowing that to happen. I believe humans have these same genes, and if we can figure out how to turn these genes, we can regenerate.”

As part of Swalla’s research, the acorn worm was studied closely mainly for two reasons:  they can regenerate any part of their body; they’re genetically similar to humans regarding their body structure and similar DNA….

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