Jon Entine breaks taboos on sports and 'race', and the future of human genetic research

| | December 21, 2016

In many sports in which the barriers to competition is level, athletes of African descent are over represented at the elite level. African descended athletes own every major running world record, and dominate in the elite sports of American football and basketball. But intriguingly, in the world's strength-focused competitions, from weight lifting to the hammer throw, Eurasian whites dominate. Why is there these differences based on ancestry? And why are we so uncomfortable in discuss what appear to be 'racial' differences?

Genetic Literacy Project director Jon Entine, author of the best selling book Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid To Talk About It, wrote about this phenomenon most recently in the wake of the Rio Olympics: "Kenyans sweep distance races, Jamaicans sprints: How evolution has shaped elite sports."

Entine now addresses these and other questions on race, evolution, ethics and the implications for genetics research with Freedomain Radio host Stefen Molyneux.

Read full, original post and view interview: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports

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