Will economic protectionism prevent Europe from competing in crop gene editing race?


America and China are leading the development of new gene editing technologies via GMO production and bringing CRISPR to the clinic. Why is Europe behind?

…The possible reasons may be EU’s distinct political, economic and societal circumstances that have resulted in overly vigilant government regulations of these novel technologies. …

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…[N]early three-quarters of all GM crops are from the US and almost none are from Europe. Novel gene editing products are in danger of being tagged the same way, which would likely hobble research efforts in a race the continent is already losing.

One possible reason for EU’s stringent food and agriculture regulation is economic protectionism… This attitude could be rooted in lessons of the Second World War: forming close economic and industrial collaborations between the European economies ensures food availability and aims to prevent new wars in the region.

…[F]ood availability and safety requires strict regulation, which is why all stages of food production, including seed acquisition, are kept inside the EU. This policy helps explain why GMOs, produced mainly in the USA, are perceived as a threat to the European food safety and why gene editing technologies may suffer a similar fate in the EU.

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