Iowa farmer debunks 8 popular myths about GMOs

| | February 9, 2017

[Editor's note: Michelle Miller, known on social media as the Farm Babe, raises lamb and beef cattle, and grows almost 2,000 acres of row crops like corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa with her boyfriend in Northeast Iowa.]

Myth #1: Farmers are forced to grow GMOs.

No, we aren’t forced to. No, the government doesn’t pay us to. We grow them because we want to and they help us, you, and the planet. Since the inception of certain GMO crops, insecticide spray is down 85 percent, while overall pesticide spray is down 37 percent, crop yields are up on average 21 percent. If farmers can produce more crops on less land while using fewer inputs, less pesticides, fuel, etc we are going to jump on it. Please allow us to do our jobs.

Michelle Miller

Myth #2: They aren’t safe, and aren’t well tested.

BLATANTLY FALSE. GMOs are the most regulated and tested crops in plant breeding history and are proven safe by nearly every major food safety authority in the world....

Myth #6: Monsanto is a greedy company that has control over farmers.

Look, Apple is a big company because people buy their products. They like iPhones. They want technology. Monsanto is a big company. Who buys their products? Farmers. Why? See myth No. 1.

[The entire list reads: Myth #1: Farmers are forced to grow GMOs.; Myth #2: They aren’t safe, and aren’t well tested.; Myth #3: They are drenched in toxic herbicides, and Roundup is the devil.; Myth #4: They cause cancer.; Myth #5: They cause farmers in India to commit suicide.; Myth #6: Monsanto is a greedy company that has control over farmers.; Myth #7: GMOs are patented, and farmers are not allowed to save seeds.; Myth #8: GMOs don’t germinate the following year because of terminator technology.]

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  • CharliePeters

    Trump Loves GMO Corn Mandate

    • hyperzombie

      Well Trump has not officially commented on the GMO issue, but his comments in the past makes me believe that he is anti-GMO. Clinton on the other hand was very pro GMO.

  • Bill Pilacinski

    And she is much more attractive than Food Babe – maybe it has to do with IQ.

  • Vadim Manzhos

    Michelle is paid by Monsanto or similar evil company to write this crap.

  • John Browne

    I’d take issue with “myth #7” on a few different issues. Farmers save seed (or “saved seed”) because they found a particular ‘race’ of their chosen crop that worked best for them. Sometimes there’d be 2 or 3 little grain silos with seed that did better based on the aspect of the land (where it wasn’t all ‘flat’). My experience has been with wheat and barley, in rolling landscape (the Palouse)… I don’t know corn or soy at all.

    But the other thing that saving seed did (and still does) is it gives the farmer a bit of independence from being a “client”… which is just like being a share-cropper, except you have a bank account. If the idea of having one less need to satisfy appeals to you, then you might want to save your own seed. And you might want to learn how to maintain and repair your own equipment,,, and learn to weld, rather than calling in “the pros” to fix things. That’s the difference between being a farmer- a semi-independent person- and a “property manager” (for some giant corporate ‘person’ in a bldg in New York City). Learning about the land that you work, and the crops you grow, and taking that degree of responsibility for your life, actually appeals to some people. ^..^

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