'Don't bite the hand that feeds you': Cargill's partnership with Non-GMO Project irks farmers

| | March 24, 2017

[Editor's note: Read the GLP's profile of the Non-GMO Project here.]

Careful what you tweet…especially if you’re a company kicking your suppliers in the face.

Right as National Agriculture Week was starting in the United States, the giant agriculture company Cargill tweeted this gem [see below].

While I may not personally like the non-GMO product lines, I understand that Cargill has customers that want to purchase non-GMO products and Cargill wants to sell those products.

The problem is that they have partnered with the Non-GMO Project to obtain certification of products.

Unfortunately, while the organization might paint itself as an innocent verification process for non-GMO products, its roots go deep into the anti-GMO movement and its current activities are decidedly against the technology.

In case you’re wondering, some of the major donors of the Non-GMO Project include the following: Annie’s Organic, Nature’s Path, Earth’s Best Organic, Eden Organic, Nutiva, Silk, Kashi, SunRidge Farms Organic, Traditional Medicinals Wellness Teas, and Dr. Bronner’s. Not that any of those folks have a financial interest in anti-GMO rhetoric or anything…

So, the question really comes down to – why the heck is Cargill paying this organization and supporting its efforts?!

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