Genetic Literacy Project’s Top 6 Stories for the Week – April 24, 2017


  1. GMO corn that resists cancer-causing aflatoxin showcases biotech’s life-saving potential | Steve Savage
  2. Behold the octopus: Problem solver, tool user and now, gene editor | Ben Locwin
  3. Neonicotinoid fiasco: How American NGOs turn Europe against science, push EU towards insecticide ban | Matt Ridley
  4. Knowledge without context: Downside of direct-to-consumer genetic tests | Kristen Hovet
  5. Epigenetics Around the Web: Epigenetics and health in 2030, botched vitamin B cure, and moreNicholas Staropoli
  6. CRISPR conundrum: Is there a line between GMOs and ‘natural’ crops when genes are edited? | Andrew Porterfield

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