Should milk from cows that eat genetically modified feed be labeled GMO?

| | June 16, 2017

[A] woman in California is suing Chipotle because it advertises a GMO- free menu, while serving meat, cheese and sour cream from animals that eat GMO corn and soy.


Dave Carlin is a vice president at the International Dairy Foods Association. His group represents big dairies, like Borden and Dannon.

“Just because you feed a cow GM feed it does not make the milk that comes from that cow GM," he says. "Just as if we fed a cow chocolate, it doesn’t make the milk that comes out of that cow chocolate milk. It just doesn’t work that way.”

The Food and Drug Administration agrees. In an email, the FDA says when cows eat GMO feed it doesn’t make the milk GMO. The milk itself is not genetically engineered.


Chris Miller is the social activism manager with ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s. The company advocates for GMO labeling.

“This is not a warning label, this is not about safety. This is about transparency, and consumers understanding what they buy. It’s that simple," says Miller.

But even Ben and Jerry’s uses milk from cows that eat GMO feed, without labeling it as such.

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