India may be forced to import more food if it doesn’t adopt biotech crops to increase yields


India is not keeping pace with its peers like China in adopting innovative farm technologies, especially biotechnology, a US embassy official said … cautioning that the country’s agri import may rise if crop yields are not raised.

The comments come against the backdrop of US biotech major Monsanto Indian arms legal battle with the government and domestic seed companies over the royalty issue and logjam over allowing genetically modified food crops such as mustard and brinjal for commercial cultivation. Speaking to the media about India’s unrealised agriculture potential, the official here said: “We have a perspective that India is not keeping pace with its peers — China, Vietnam and others when it comes to ensuring farmers have access to world-class innovative technologies.” …

Without referring to the Monsantos ongoing legal dispute specifically, the official said there is a feeling among many people here that biotechnology is not good though dozens of countries around the globe have experienced great success. Citing some examples, he said the neighbouring Bangladesh is growing Bt brinjal, which has been developed by Indian scientists…”These are not even most-advanced technology when it comes to biotechnology,” he said, adding that the country needs to look at not just biotechnology but all other farm technologies that can boost crop yields and better revenue for farmers.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: India not keeping pace with peers in adopting farm tech: US

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