Farmers on social media: The dark side of being an ‘agvocate’

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Image source: Nurse Loves Farmer

I have tried my best to encourage people that it is essential to share their farm stories in the title of my presentation “Don’t Let the Activists Drive Your Combine.”

And now, I’m a hypocrite, not practising what I preach.

There is a whole other side of this agvocacy world, and that involves farmers on social media. The biggest backlash and criticisms about what I say, write, and do are from farmers on social media, primarily on Twitter.

I have been threatened in a variety of ways by food activists. I have had one lady file a complaint against me to the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, as she claimed I was “selling pesticides” on my blog. The complaint was quickly dismissed and my career, and licence as an RN were safe, but someone tried to have me fired for blogging about GMOs and pesticides!

This, I can take. However, when it’s farmers who are so cruel and make parody accounts to make fun of me and what I do on my blog? That’s where I draw the line and have actively taken a huge step back in my agvocating.

I can’t fight with farmers anymore, but I will always continue to share what we do on our farm and to share our story.

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