Viewpoint: Why was pro-GMO professor David Zaruk fired?

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Image source: Risk-Monger

David Zaruk is an expert in European Union regulations and risk communication. He writes a blog, titled The Risk-Monger, which largely examines regulatory issues involving biotechnology, such as GMOs and glyphosate. For nearly a decade, he also was an adjunct professor of communications at Université Saint-Louis in Brussels, Belgium.

As Dr. Zaruk writes in a lengthy blog post, he recently lost his job from the university. Why? According to Dr. Zaruk, it’s because he is avidly pro-biotechnology and another professor (at a different university!) didn’t like it. So, he pulled a few strings and got Dr. Zaruk fired. It should be noted that Olivier de Schutter, the professor responsible for getting Dr. Zaruk fired, is a militant anti-GMOanti-glyphosateanti-Monsanto ideologue.

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Though widely touted, there is no such thing as “free speech” in academia. Instead, there are two sets of standards: There is one standard for a largely far-left-wing, postmodernist or activist type who reject science and basic decency, and there is another standard for everybody else. If you belong to the former, you can literally do or say whatever you want without any consequences; if you belong to the latter, simply accepting the scientific consensus can get you fired.

If things to do not change quickly, academia will not and cannot endure. Nor should it.


Read full, original post: Academia In Meltdown: Pro-GMO Prof Fired, Anti-GMO Prof Gets Honored

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