Impossible Foods exec: Environmentalist opponents are on ‘wrong side of history’

| | July 30, 2018

For more than a year, the nongovernmental organization Friends of the Earth (FOE) has been trying to malign and defame Impossible Foods because we use genetic engineering to make delicious, wholesome meat, using simple plant ingredients, without the disastrous environmental impact of animal farming.

Why would a nonprofit purporting to “champion a more healthy and just world” launch a smear campaign against Impossible Foods, a startup whose entire purpose is to eliminate the world’s most destructive technology?

Simple: The US wing of FOE is an anti-science fundamentalist organization that wants to eliminate genetic engineering at any cost, including the lives of people, the health of the planet, and even FOE’s own credibility. This is an organization on the wrong side of history, doomed to irrelevance for failing to acknowledge and embrace reality.

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FOE portrays companies that use genetic engineering as lax on testing and compliance. This is farcical. Scientists exhaustively tested the Impossible Burger, which complies with all food-safety regulations everywhere it’s sold.

Everything is scarier in the dark, so FOE often falsely alleges that Impossible Foods hides its use of genetic engineering and is less than transparent about its technology. This is blatantly false.

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2 thoughts on “Impossible Foods exec: Environmentalist opponents are on ‘wrong side of history’”

  1. Animal farming is far from disastrous. Livestock manure is used to replace manufactured / extracted fertilizer. Ruminant animals grazing grasses and forbes double the surface of the earth that is capable of producing food, i.e. milk and meat.Grazing in areas not capable of cultivation grazing grasses keeps them in the vegetative stage thus reducing fire hazard. Not all grains harvested are suitable for human consumption but still make adequate feed for animals. There may well be a place for plant based meat like substance but to dismiss animals as a source of food is very premature, after all the indiginous inhabitants of North America utilized the buffalo, deer, elk and other animal long before we appeared on the scene.

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