Congressional committee cuts funding to IARC over WHO agency’s controversial glyphosate-cancer finding

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The House Committee on Appropriations has withheld funding for the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer—which receives about $2 million from the United States per year—because of controversy over the agency’s label for glyphosate, a chemical commonly used in weedkillers.

In a March 2015 review …. IARC labeled the weedkiller as “probably carcinogenic in humans,” based on limited evidence in humans for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and “sufficient evidence” in animals.


IARC’s conclusions on glyphosate, made by a working group of 17 scientists from 11 countries, ran counter to guidelines of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the European Food Safety Authority. EPA said glyphosate has “low toxicity to humans,” and an EFSA study in November 2015 found glyphosate “unlikely to be carcinogenic.”


Read full, original article: House committee defoliates NIH funding for WHO program that declares weedkiller Roundup a carcinogen (Behind Paywall)

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