All-veggie ‘Impossible burger’ targeted by PETA’s cancer claims

A plant-based Impossible burger

Imagine sinking your teeth into a nice, juicy hamburger. Then, imagine being told that the hamburger isn’t made from beef after all. Instead, it’s entirely vegetarian ….

Impossible Foods, a company that claims to have done just that. Not only does it taste good, but because it is entirely made from plants and plant products, it is far better for the environment. On its website, Impossible Foods explains how it has genetically modified yeast to produce a similar molecule, called leghemoglobin, found in soy plants. It then adds this molecule to its veggie burgers.


Two months ago, Friends of the Earth predictably smeared Impossible Burgers. It released …. a “report,” in which it fearmongered over chemicals, genetic modification, and food processing. But there was nothing unique in these complaints …. The real whopper …. came from PETA:

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PETA soy cancer veggie burger

…. If [PETA] truly [believes] that the veggie burger from Impossible Foods causes cancer because of its iron content, then they should avoid soybeans like the plague.

[A] 3-ounce burger contains 3 mg of iron …. One cup of raw soybeans …. contains 29.2 mg of iron …. Cooked soybeans have a lot less iron …. but still more than Impossible Foods’s veggie burger. What else has a lot of iron? Spinach.

Will PETA now announce that soy and spinach cause cancer?


Read full, original article: According To PETA, Veggie Burgers Cause Cancer

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