South Australia launches ‘independent review’ of GMO crop moratorium

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Image: The Scientific Atheist

South Australia has announced an independent review into the state’s moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops.

Economist and agriculture policy analyst Emeritus Professor Kym Anderson will look at the costs and benefits of the moratorium and report back [in early 2019].

The South Australian Minister for Primary Industries Tim Whetstone said the previous government’s six-year extension to the GM moratorium prior to the election was done without any consultation.

“There was no attempt by Labor to assess whether the moratorium was good or bad for the economy or our grains and agricultural industries,” he said.


Are the winds of change blowing through the world’s GM crops? As an activist for Greenpeace leading the charge against GM foods in the 1990s, Mark Lynas once raided UK trial sites in the dead of night, cutting down the crops to slow down research.

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He was part of a successful campaign that led to bans on GM food in Europe and Australia. But now he has apologized to farmers and published a book to say he was wrong about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). He said the body of evidence was clearly in support of their safety.

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