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dylan with carrots action imperfect produce

Meat company turns 20,000 tons of discarded carrots into animal feed to cut food waste

Sean Murphy | 
A West Australian company converting thousands of tons of carrots destined for landfill into animal feed is hoping to produce ...

Podcast: ‘Are we all going to die?’ Entomologist breaks down the ‘bee-pocalypse’ that ‘threatens the global food supply’

Katja Hogendoorn | 
Bees are important crop pollinators and reduced bee numbers have been described by farmers overseas as a bee crisis. Global ...
Invite disagreement

Divided agriculture sector spars over GMOs as Tasmania mulls lifting biotech crop ban

Lucy Shannon | 
Professor Sergey Shebala spends a lot of time thinking about how the world's growing population is going to be fed ...

As sugar demand falls, gene editing could ‘reinvent’ sugarcane as green energy

Charlie McKillop, Kallee Buchanan | 
Sugar has long been a source of energy for people, but now scientists believe they are close to unlocking its ...
Y Mingenew wheat harvest

South Australia considers repealing GMO crop cultivation ban that has cost farmers $33 million

The South Australian Government will consider overturning a longstanding ban on genetically modified (GM) crops, after a review into the ...
GMO labeling thumb

Podcast: South Australian farmers want access to GMO crops as moratorium debate rages

Brooke Neindorf | 
ABC reports on debate over South Australia’s GMO moratorium. Flinders MP Peter Treloar states that he has not seen any ...
GMO labeling thumb

South Australia launches ‘independent review’ of GMO crop moratorium

David Claughton | 
South Australia has announced an independent review into the state's moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops. Economist and agriculture policy ...
mikecharlie dustremoved

Australia’s fight against feral cats could turn to gene drive technology

Stephanie Small | 
Feral cats kill thousands of native animals every minute — now a controversial plan to use gene drive technology as ...
Screen Shot at PM

Should you pay as much as a 300% premium for organic foods? Avoid EWG’s ‘dirty dozen’?

Joanna Khan | 
Have you ever found yourself standing in the supermarket, wondering how to justify forking out $6 per kilo for those ...
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Will Australia ban neonicotinoid insecticides despite no evidence of bee declines on the continent?

Jess Davis | 
European farmers are facing a total ban on a common group of pesticides after a report confirms they harm bees, ...
HPV Vaccine Shot Feat

Australia aims to eliminate cervical cancer with HPV vaccine and DNA screening

Cervical cancer could be effectively eliminated in Australia within the next four decades, medical experts say, after new data revealed ...
early diagnosis current research hero

Ovarian cancer could be linked to father’s X chromosome

Genelle Weule | 
Data from a large, long-term study of US families indicates women may inherit ovarian cancer through the X chromosome passed ...
crispr feat free

Australia set to reduce regulations of CRISPR gene editing to speed up crop research

Marty McCarthy | 
Australia is set to reform how it regulates new genetic engineering techniques, which experts say will help to dramatically speed ...
cows ca

Podcast: Gene editing could make farm animals happier and healthier

Natasha Mitchell | 
Just one genetically modified animal has been approved for human consumption anywhere in the world. A fast growing species of ...
Canola Stirling range

South Australia close to passing bill to extend GMO crop ban to 2025

Brooke Neindorf, Marty McCarthy | 
South Australia is set to extend its controversial ban on the growing of genetically-modified crops until 2025 after a bill ...
gal MG

Plant growth genes identified that could lead to increased crop yields

Kallee Buchanan | 
Scientists say the discovery of a group of hormones in plants could revolutionise food production by improving yields. The Universities ...
Caterpillars Surface

Scientists hoping to prevent two crop-eating caterpillar species from combining to form ‘super pest’

Dominique Schwartz | 
Australian-led research could help save the world's farmers more than $6 billion lost every year to its most voracious caterpillars ...
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‘Game changer’ herbicide that could supplement glyphosate developed from anti-malaria chemical

Kit Mochan | 
Researchers from the University of Western Australia (UWA) have used chemicals destined to develop new treatments for malaria as a ...
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Next generation insect-resistant GM cotton could be ‘game changer’ for Australian farmers

Matt Brann | 
A new variety of genetically modified cotton is shaping up to be a game-changer for those looking to grow cotton ...
Breaking Down the Shame of Male Depression RM x

Genetics could help researchers target medications to fight depression

Alice Matthews | 
The Australian Genetics of Depression Study has been launched as part of an international collaboration aiming to identify genes that ...
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Australian commission calls for state governments to lift GM crop bans

Sarina Locke | 
The Productivity Commission has released a range of sweeping recommendations to cut the costs of regulation in agriculture. ... It ...
To expedite development of climate-resistant crops, Australia may have to relax gene-editing rules

To expedite development of climate-resistant crops, Australia may have to relax gene-editing rules

Tyne Logan | 
Australia's classification of genetic modification is inhibiting the country's potential for future crop growth, according to a University of Western ...
Screen Shot at PM

Australia’s organic industry should drop ‘zero tolerance’ of GM food contamination, farmers group says

Di Darmody, Jo Prendergast | 
Flood waters have swept through parts of WA's grain growing region, sparking concern from some certified organic growers that contamination ...
crop drought in tanzania

Former UK chief scientist: Europe’s opposition to GMOs ‘dangerously naive’ in the face of climate change

Sarina Locke | 
A former UK chief scientist has warned that politicians around the globe are ignoring science for the sake of short-term ...
Screen Shot at PM

Disease-resistant GMO banana field trial approved in Australia

Lisa Herbert | 
A trial of genetically modified bananas will begin south of Darwin [Australia] in a few months after a five-year trial ...

Western Australia repeals partial ban on GMO crops

Belinda Varischetti | 
Western Australia's Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Repeal Bill 2015 passed through State Parliament [Oct. 21]. Up until now WA ...
GM potato

Australia, New Zealand reviewing bruise resistant, low acrylamide GMO potato

Sarina Locke | 
Australia's food regulator has called for submissions as it reviews a genetically-modified potato designed to produce less chemicals when fried ...
f eugenicspuppetgovdepopula

Over-heated fears of eugenics linger over today’s genetic research, threatening advances

Natasha Mitchell | 
'Genes can have up to 80 per cent of influence on students' academic performance.' When I saw that headline recently, ...