How one farmer and his family convinced a fearful skeptic that GMOs are safe

| | November 9, 2018

With fearmongering headlines and the general misunderstanding of what goes into our food (hello, image of a syringe in a tomato), it is hard to sift through the noise to find the Canadians rooting for you. But don’t fret: we are here ….

[Editor’s note: this article is written as a letter to farmers.]

…. A hot topic for consumers these days is biotechnology. As we all know; GMOs, pesticides, herbicides and hormones in our meat are all safe in Canada. The science is clear on this fact.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the science that won me over. For the average Joe, pointing to studies with scientific jargon and statistics …. can often be overwhelming …. This can breed the mistrust. I learned to fully trust the food on the shelf after speaking to a farmer who said he eats and feeds his family the food that was created through use of modern agricultural practices. It was as easy as that ….

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As someone with zero first-hand farm experience  …. I have been bombarded by fearmongering marketing terms and food trends such as “non-GMO certified,” the so-called “dirty dozen” and the well-known hormone-free burgers being pushed by a certain fast-food chain.

The technologies you adopt, as the well-informed and modern farmer, reduce the amount of land and water required for crops, farm animals are treated better than ever before …. Those are narratives that someone without a science or farming background can really understand. These facts hold weight.

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