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Viewpoint: Ideology has no place in gender science discussions

Radical egalitarianism defends the idea that any collective of adult human beings has the same innate distribution of qualities, independently of race, ethnicity, sex, etc., and, if we observe any difference in individuals of different sex, those differences must be the product of culture.

[A]ny observed difference, for instance concerning top positions in the scientific hierarchy, is attributed to a biased and abusive heteronormative and patriarchal culture unfairly imposed by a male culture. There are, however, other hypotheses to consider in explaining the observed differences:

1) An important factor regarding the lower number of women in some areas might be lower interest levels due to innate predisposition rather than the educational/cultural bias.

2) Another tentative hypothesis is that, although on average men and women have similar levels of intelligence, the variance of the distributions is greater in men, and it is consequently expected that there are more geniuses among men than among women.

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3) A third factor is simply that women dedicate on average more time to looking after family members so that “on average” there are fewer of them available to reach the highest positions since the tasks associated with such positions cannot be tackled from home.

None of these three factors involves discrimination for the reasons of sex, if we attend to the definition of “discrimination” , because they do not imply different ways of selection for men and women.

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