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US Rep Earl Blumenauer introduces bill to suspend neonicotinoid insecticide use, citing ‘devastating’ impact on bees

| | February 22, 2019

On [February 21], Congressman Earl Blumenauer [of Oregon] introduced legislation he said will help bees by suspending the use of insecticides that are toxic to them.

“Pollination is an important part of the food,” he said. “One of every three fork-fulls of food is the result of pollination.”

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The congressman said his bill to protect pollinators has gained some bi-partisan support among both the blue state and red state lawmakers. He said his bill is an effort to save the bees — whose pollination is a critical part of a food chain responsible for well over $100 billion worth of food globally ever year.

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Blumenauer’s legislation would suspend the use of insecticides known as neonicotinoids, which he says have been linked to declining pollinator populations. It’d also create a panel of experts to assess the pesticides and limit their damage to pollinators.

“Some in the agricultural sector are unwilling to give up what they find to be a very effective insecticide, but the impacts appear to be pretty devastating,” Blumenauer said.

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