GMO AquAdvantage salmon labeling questions resurface

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AquaBounty Technologies, creator of the first-ever salmon genetically engineered for commercial production, doesn’t have to notify Canadian buyers that its fish is genetically engineered, but it is considering doing so….

The….Maynard, Massachusetts-based company, with indoor grow-out facilities both in….Albany, Indiana, and also the Canadian community of Rollo Bay in Prince Edward Island, is about to begin commercial production of AquaAdvantage salmon….[and the fish] is expected to hit the Canadian market by the third quarter of 2020.

After a four-year study, Health Canada declared, in May 2016, that AquaBounty’s salmon is “safe and nutritious” and therefore no labeling is required. However, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), in December, issued proposed guidelines that would have genetically engineered foods called “bioengineered”….

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Dave Conley, AquaBounty’s director of corporate communications [said] his company [is] now trying to sort out what would be required to comply with the USDA’s guidance but could be inclined to maintain the same approach in both countries.


However, Lucy Sharrat, a coordinator at the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, also in Halifax, said on the program that she doesn’t expect AquaBounty to follow through on any clear labeling.

Read full, original article: AquaBounty keeping GE salmon labeling options open in Canada

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