Ethos Chocolate, candy brand that hypes its GMO ingredients, back by popular demand

Image: Ethos Chocolate

In its debut in February, the debut of Ethos Chocolate made a big, wonderful, delicious splash — the initial batch of 10,000 bars was gone in just nine days. What makes them special is that Ethos is a line of handcrafted bars that are made with ingredients that illustrate the benefits of biotechnology. In other words, this chocolate is unabashedly pro-GMO …. After weeks of chocolate-making, Ethos Chocolate is again available to the public.

Ethos Chocolate bars contain sustainably grown cacao and each is symbolic of a GMO crop story, demonstrating how technology has played — or is currently playing — a heroic role in solving a real-world food challenge:

  • The Survivor — GMOs saved the entire papaya industry in Hawaii after it was decimated by papaya ring spot virus.
  • The Hero — GMO researchers are working to help Florida orange trees fight the citrus greening disease which threatens the entire citrus crop.
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