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Anti-GMOers join with anti-vaxxers to promote myth that glyphosate causes autism

| August 9, 2019

Another one of those pseudoscientific tropes from the anti-vaccine religion has reared its ugly Bigfoot head – glyphosate causes autism. And, of course, the anti-vaxxers believe that vaccines are filled with that nasty chemical, so by some weird transitive logic, they think that vaccines cause autism because of glyphosate.

Yeah, no.

Of course, the belief that “vaccines cause autism” has been thoroughly debunked by powerful, robust, repeated clinical and epidemiological studies. It is “settled science” (and read the link, so that you actually understand what is meant). Now we have the oft-repeated myth that glyphosate causes autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The evidence that supports that claim is fairly weak, possibly nonexistent.

Even if it did, and most scientists are highly skeptical of the claim, we still know that there is almost no glyphosate in vaccines. And once again, even if there were and even if glyphosate causes autism, we know that there is no link between vaccines and autism. None.

Whatever the benefits of glyphosate, GMOs and the herbicide are tied together in many minds – in fact, the anti-GMO forces are some of the most vehement pushers of the vaccine glyphosate causes autism trope. Additionally, there is a “chemophobia” amongst many people which target anything that doesn’t sound like it comes from mother nature (which produces literally trillions of chemicals, many of which are far more dangerous to humans than glyphosate).

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