US soybean and corn farmers fear plant-based burgers and glyphosate lawsuits signal uncertain future

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I’m flat busted. My Missouri corn and soybean farm is bankrupt, financially incompetent, a lousy credit risk, upside down–you pick the financial euphemism for a balance sheet that is downright ugly …. Of course, if there is any comfort to be found in shared misery, every other producer of corn and soybeans in the U.S. is in the same position.

Companies looking to replace meat animals and the grain they eat are the hottest new issues on the stock market in a generation. This is not good news for my future. It tells you everything you need to know that just one of the companies entering the meat replacement market has a market value of around 40% of Tyson Foods, the second leading supplier of meat in these United States.

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On the future liabilities side, have you noticed those judgements finding the herbicide glyphosate responsible for causing cancer? Granted, in the most recent case, the judge … reduced the jury verdict from an insane two billion dollars to a cool $87 million, but so far plaintiffs’ lawyers in these cases are undefeated.

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