Viewpoint: 3 anti-GMO myths that hinder Nigeria’s adoption of biotech crops

Credit: Twelfthy7
Credit: Twelfthy7
[Here are some] top GMO myths especially prevalent in Nigeria.

Myth 1: GMOs are unnatural, playing God and cause wrath on all users.

If you argue with anyone in Nigeria, this is most likely the first thing they say about GMOs. This assertion is not only untrue but illogical. The reality is that as a human race, we have been selectively breeding plants and animals for as long as we have been practicing agriculture… I like looking at it more as a blessing to be utilised rather than vilified or castigated to our own disadvantage.

Myth 2: GMOs are part of an elaborate plot to cripple the Nigerian population and control the nation’s food and agricultural productivity.


This is untrue, and an insidious and harmful myth that is very popular in Nigeria. The truth is many developing nations are increasingly choosing GMOs, and of recent there are more hectares devoted to genetically modified crops in developing countries than even developed nations.

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Myth 3: As a farmer, you cannot save or reuse GMO seeds.

Many farmers in Nigeria are already used to hybrid seeds, which have been around for some time now, and which need to be purchased each season as opposed to the common age-old practice of saving some of your harvested grains to replant as seeds. So I really find this a non-issue.

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