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‘Gene Revolution’: How genetic engineering is making food and medicine cheaper, better and more plentiful

Amanda Maxham | 
Mankind has been improving plants and animals for millennia. Simply by selecting and breeding those they liked best, our ancestors ...
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Harmful GMO insulin meme illustrates how ‘deadly’ anti-GMO movement can be

Amanda Maxham | 
What happens when a tabloid-respect-for-the-truth meets a life-saving breakthrough in medical technology? You’d get something like this: Chances are you ...

Anti-GMO activists embrace Russia’s Putin

Amanda Maxham | 
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently told a group of leaders from rural settlements that when it comes to food ...

Anti-biotech activists threaten McDonald’s to spurn GM potatoes

Amanda Maxham | 
J.R. Simplot, a company that produces over 3 billion pounds of potatoes each year, hopes to soon add a genetically engineered variety ...

God Move Over (GMO)

Amanda Maxham | 
Scanning the web for slogans and catch-phrases that slur biotech crops rouses the usual suspects: “frankenfoods,” “our kids are not ...

Do GMOs have to end world hunger in order to be desirable crops?

Amanda Maxham | 
GMOs should not be held to impossible standards or justified with lofty world-saving promises—their proven, real-world value is enough to ...

Genetically modified microbes are factories, creating vaccines, medicines and foods

Amanda Maxham | 
By inserting genetic instructions into bacteria or yeast—thereby modifying their genetic code—scientists have used microbes to create all sorts of ...

What does it mean to be genetically modified?

Amanda Maxham | 
Driving through corn and soybean fields in Wisconsin, Amanda Maxham, Ph.D, a writer and Research Associate with the Ayn Rand ...

A tale of two tomatoes: An exploration into the hostility towards GE foods

Amanda Maxham | 
In her quest to learn about the fears and opposition that genetically engineered foods face, Amanda Maxham, Ph.D, a writer ...

European Union tramples rights of GM growers

Amanda Maxham | 
Last year, across the globe, 17 million farmers sowed billions of genetically engineered seeds in more than 420 million acres of ...
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Insurers should be free to discriminate based on genetics

Rituparna Basu | 
The following is an excerpt. A recent NPR story described efforts to extend the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) to long-term care ...