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God Move Over (GMO)

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Scanning the web for slogans and catch-phrases that slur biotech crops rouses the usual suspects: “frankenfoods,” “our kids are not lab rats” and “GMOs are not food.” Sometimes slogans can be revealing of how anti-GMO activists really boil down an issue. Usually, the slogans are misleading or simply intended to scare. But this week, I uncovered an anti-GMO slogan that was unintentionally spot-on:

GMO stands for “God Move Over.”

The intention of the slogan is to push the idea that genetic engineers working in the lab to solve problems or improve foods are really just “playing God,” claiming powers beyond their proper station. We are supposed to believe, when hearing it, that mankind is arrogating itself to the role of creator, and this tampering with the natural order of things will most certainly end in disaster. More than just a slogan, it is an attack, aimed at your mind. It says not only should we leave nature alone, but that we should kneel low in fear of it.

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