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Viewpoint: Like it or not, technology is what gives us the crops that we eat

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The “natural narrative” on food packaging is a complete fiction ...

Viewpoint: Why we have to fight for what biotechnology can offer us

Genetic Literacy Project | 
“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” That’s how fictional star ship captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek orders his tea, 300 years ...
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Who should we thank for all those wonderful fruits and vegetables? ‘Not Mother Nature’

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Half of the vegetables grown in the United States are from California. “California is famous for three things: “Hollywood, Silicon ...

‘Gene Revolution’: How genetic engineering is making food and medicine cheaper, better and more plentiful

Ayn Rand Institute | 
Mankind has been improving plants and animals for millennia. Simply by selecting and breeding those they liked best, our ancestors ...
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Harmful GMO insulin meme illustrates how ‘deadly’ anti-GMO movement can be

Ayn Rand Institute | 
What happens when a tabloid-respect-for-the-truth meets a life-saving breakthrough in medical technology? You’d get something like this: Chances are you ...

Label this: Anti-GMO activists’ stance posing ‘actual threat’ to public health

Politix | 
This spring, Vermont passed a law requiring any food that includes genetically engineered ingredients - otherwise known as "GMOs" for ...

Anti-GMO activists embrace Russia’s Putin

Ayn Rand Institute | 
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently told a group of leaders from rural settlements that when it comes to food ...

Anti-biotech activists threaten McDonald’s to spurn GM potatoes

Ayn Rand Institute | 
J.R. Simplot, a company that produces over 3 billion pounds of potatoes each year, hopes to soon add a genetically engineered variety ...

God Move Over (GMO)

Ayn Rand Institute | 
Scanning the web for slogans and catch-phrases that slur biotech crops rouses the usual suspects: “frankenfoods,” “our kids are not ...

Do GMOs have to end world hunger in order to be desirable crops?

Ayn Rand Institute | 
GMOs should not be held to impossible standards or justified with lofty world-saving promises—their proven, real-world value is enough to ...
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Custom-built microbes offer a myriad of benefits

Voices for Reason | 
Genetically engineered microbes could be the future of chemical production ...

Genetically modified microbes are factories, creating vaccines, medicines and foods

Ayn Rand Institute | 
By inserting genetic instructions into bacteria or yeast—thereby modifying their genetic code—scientists have used microbes to create all sorts of ...

What does it mean to be genetically modified?

Ayn Rand Institute | 
Driving through corn and soybean fields in Wisconsin, Amanda Maxham, Ph.D, a writer and Research Associate with the Ayn Rand ...

A tale of two tomatoes: An exploration into the hostility towards GE foods

Ayn Rand Institute | 
In her quest to learn about the fears and opposition that genetically engineered foods face, Amanda Maxham, Ph.D, a writer ...

European Union tramples rights of GM growers

Ayn Rand Institute | 
Last year, across the globe, 17 million farmers sowed billions of genetically engineered seeds in more than 420 million acres of ...