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Harmful GMO insulin meme illustrates how ‘deadly’ anti-GMO movement can be

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What happens when a tabloid-respect-for-the-truth meets a life-saving breakthrough in medical technology? You’d get something like this:

GMO Free USA insulin meme

Chances are you didn’t see this meme going around on Facebook — it was shared less than 500 times before it was deleted — but I think this small, short-lived graphic and the fact that it mysteriously disappeared speak volumes about the anti-GMO movement. (Thanks to Internet “caching,” you can still view the original post and some comments it generated here.)

The graphic was spawned (and then deleted a short time later) by the popular anti-GMO activist group “GMO Free USA.” Their mission, according to the group’s website and interviews with their founder, Diana Reeves, is one of “educating” the public about genetic engineering.

Here we see the tabloid version: evil “GMO insulin” could give you “double diabetes.” This attitude toward science, evidence and truth is particularly disgusting when the group that devised this meme purports to be “educational.” Using bogus medical terms* to scare people into thinking medicine critical for their survival could harm them without a single shred of evidence represents the the destruction of education.


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