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GMO crops increase yields, benefit the environment

Drake Bennett | 
Among the winners in this month’s elections were foods containing genetically modified organisms. And, it’s possible that labeling laws, if ...

Wal-Mart moves to cash in on organic suspicion of GMOs, conventional foods

Andrew Martin | 
Sales of organic food are booming again. The growth in sales of organic products in the U.S., food and nonfood, ...

Why the US was so unprepared to handle Ebola

Brendan Greeley, Caroline Chen | 
It was a small victory in a grim and runaway catastrophe. In July, Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, both American ...

Whole Foods’ business case for GMO labeling

Susan Berfield | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Whole Foods pleased many of its shoppers, and most of its critics, when it ...

Gene therapy extends lives of children with brain disease

Elizabeth Lopatto | 
Children born with a rare, genetic brain disorder that causes severe atrophy and often leads to death within three years, ...

Advanced genetic tests spot more defects before birth

Michelle Fay Cortez | 
Birth defects can be spotted more precisely with advanced genetic tests that are performed on a fetus than with current ...