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Robot arm helps paralyzed man have drink using only his thoughts

Verge | 
Erik Sorto hasn't been able to move his arms or legs in a decade, after a gunshot wound 13 years ...
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Will Ugandan farmers get to plant GM banana?

Verge | 
Bill Gates will be sharing his vision of how technology will revolutionize life for the world's poor by 2030 by ...
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Cancer cure? Patients’ blood reprogrammed to destroy diseased cells

Verge | 
The blood cells of cancer patients, reprogrammed by doctors to attack their leukemia and re-infused back into the patients’ veins, ...

Gene therapy extends lives of children with brain disease

Businessweek | 
Children born with a rare, genetic brain disorder that causes severe atrophy and often leads to death within three years, ...

Stress blocks gene that guards brain against depression

Bloomberg | 
Chronic stress appears to block a gene that guards against brain atrophy associated with depression, according to a study in ...

Older dads may produce offspring with long lives, study suggests

Commercial News | 
Fathers who wait until they're almost 40 to have children may provide a unique benefit to their offspring: longer lives ...