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What happens if you don’t get the second shot in a COVID vaccine two-jab regimen?

What happens if you don’t get the second shot in a COVID vaccine two-jab regimen?

Stephen Gandel | 
Two separate vaccines due to be released from pharmaceutical firm Pfizer and biotech Moderna appear to be more than 90% ...
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‘Long-haulers’ suffer from debilitating COVID-19 symptoms months after infection – and doctors can’t figure out why

Nicole Brown | 
Doctors "don't understand" why some formerly healthy people can have coronavirus symptoms that linger for many weeks or even months, emergency care ...
As 'GMO-free' food market booms, Nestlé  sued for mislabeling products containing GMOs

As ‘GMO-free’ food market booms, Nestlé sued for mislabeling products containing GMOs

Jonathan Berr | 
Nestlé is facing a federal class-action lawsuit in Los Angeles alleging it sold products labeled as having "No GMO Ingredients" ...

How gene editing has evolved into ‘worldwide CRISPR frenzy’

Bill Whitaker, Feng Zhang | 
CRISPR sounds more like a refrigerator compartment than a gene-editing tool, but it's giving scientists power they could only imagine ...
Kansas Alford Racism WIDE

Video: Kansas state lawmaker Steve Alford makes racially charged genetics comments, will not resign

A white Kansas lawmaker who suggested at a public forum that blacks were predisposed to abusing drugs resigned from two legislative committee ...
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The quest to make CRISPR gene editing as easy as a smartphone app

[Biohacker Josiah Zayner] lives and works in Oakland, California, where he's converted a house into a scientific lab. Here, he ...

BioHub to treat type 1 diabetes: Bioengineered insulin-producing cells shown effective in pilot patient

Serena Gordon | 
A 43-year-old single mother with dangerously difficult-to-control diabetes had insulin-producing islet cells transplanted into her omentum -- a fatty membrane ...

Cure for HIV? CRISPR gene editing shows promise

Brian Mastroianni | 
Have researchers taken a step closer to developing an eventual cure for HIV? A Temple University-led team hopes so, by ...
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How selfies could help diagnose the rare genetic disease DiGeorge syndrome

Leslie Katz | 
1010Researchers with the National Institutes of Health’s National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) successfully used facial recognition software similar to ...
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Video: Fruit, vegetable shelf life extended by spray made from plant extracts

[Editor's note: Watch the video here.] “We use food to preserve food,” [Apeel Sciences CEO James] Rogers said. They start ...
Screen Shot at AM

First human head transplant set in motion as Russian man volunteers

Ashley Welch | 
Italian neuroscientist Dr. Sergio Canavero made headlines [in 2015] when he announced his plans to perform the first human head ...
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CBS News: Anti-GMO movement hurts poor, hungry

Barry Petersen | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. ...What no one disputes ...

Chipotle faces ad attack in response to its anti-GMO promotions

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Chipotle, the popular fast-food ...

Video: Inside Vermont’s GMO labeling controversy

Amanda Cochran | 
Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is expected to sign a bill on Thursday mandating the labeling of genetically modified foods. That ...

Breast cancer genetic tests have improved and doctors urge retesting

Robbie Owens | 
Over the past decade, the phrases ‘BRCA 1’ and ‘BRCA 2’ went mainstream as genetic testing to assess breast cancer ...

Racism may cause African-American men to age faster

Michelle Castillo | 
Being the victim of racism and internalizing racist beliefs may speed up the aging process, a new study suggests. Research ...

Home DNA test kit offers peace of mind for parents

A $99 DNA kit is helping some families unlock genetic mysteries in the privacy of their home. Craig and Lynn ...

Could mass DNA testing change health care?

A simple genetic test could show whether you're likely to get a serious disease, and it only costs $99. The ...

Should you order a home DNA testing kit?

Chelsea Rarrick, Scott Wise | 
It’s one of the first questions you are asked when seen by a new doctor, “What is your family health ...

Promiscuous birds produce genetically stronger offspring, study shows

Danielle Elliot | 
New research shows that when female birds mate with multiple partners, they produce genetically stronger offspring. Published Sep. 3 in the ...

DNA vaccine for Type 1 diabetes looks promising

Michelle Castillo | 
The following is an excerpt. A clinical trial for a Type 1 diabetes vaccine has resulted in promising findings, suggesting ...

California: Sen. Boxer seeks nationwide labeling of genetically modified foods

The following is an edited excerpt. Following the defeat of Proposition 37 last November, Sen. Barbara Boxer is proposing federal ...

Lice genes reveal human migration

Tia Ghose | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Lice genes could offer insights into human migration, according to new research. The new ...
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Genetic screening: Do you really want to know what might eventually kill you?

Tracy Smith | 
Americans spend more than $5 billion annually on genetic testing for everything from Alzheimer's to breast cancer to Huntington's disease, ...

Research reveals that genetics may play a role in how people behave during a crisis

Many people may wonder how they would react in an emergency situation, one that could involve risking their lives to ...

Scientists work to develop human organs from stem cells

Michelle Durham | 
Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have teamed up with their counterparts all over the world, working to develop human ...

Agent Orange corn’ thrills farmers, worries critics

Sharyl Attkisson | 
There is a controversy in the food industry over so-called “Agent Orange corn.” The genetically modified vegetable is protected from ...

Controversy flares over Agent Orange

Sharyl Attkisson | 
The food industry is embroiled in a controversy over what critics call "Agent Orange corn." The genetically-modified vegetable is protected ...
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