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If the FDA doesn’t say they’re safe, ‘they won’t go to market’: What you should know about GMOs and food safety

Amanda Capritto | 
Glow-in-the-dark mice, silk-producing goats, venomous cabbage — these are all wacky and downright unsettling examples of what can happen when scientists tinker with ...
screenshot beyond meat now makes plant based breakfast sausage and i got to try it

Plant-based breakfast sausage is here. Beyond Meat scientists explain how it’s made

Caroline Roberts | 
The Beyond Breakfast Sausage will be on grocery store shelves towards the end of March at ACME, Albertsons, Vons, Whole ...
Viewpoint: 'GMOs cause cancer' and 17 other persistent health myths debunked

Viewpoint: ‘GMOs cause cancer’ and 17 other persistent health myths debunked

Amanda Capritto | 
Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis. Eating eggs gives you heart disease. Coffee stunts your growth. No, no and no again ...
screenshot impossible pork made from plants

10 things you should know about Impossible Foods’ new GMO plant-based ‘pork’

Clifford Colby | 
Here comes the other faux white meat. Impossible Foods, the brand behind [2018's] Impossible Burger 2.0 craze, captivated the attention ...

Should CRISPR be used to resurrect passenger pigeons, woolly mammoths and other extinct species?

Jackson Ryan | 
The planet is getting warmer, we're poisoning insect populations with reckless abandon and pulling fish out of the ocean at ...
hair loss after surgery

Hair loss? Stem cells offer promising cure

Michelle Starr | 
It's been theorised for years, but now human stem cells have resulted in hair growth for the very first time ...

Tiny tagalong probe tracks viruses

Elizabeth Armstrong Moore | 
Influenza, Ebola, and respiratory syncytial viruses (RSV) can be nasty little buggers, infecting their hosts with rash abandon and, especially ...

Your DNA profile as a song

Amanda Kooser | 
I've always wanted to have my very own theme song, like a hero in a movie. Now, I do. I ...

Using the human genome to ID viruses

Elizabeth Armstrong Moore | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Sometimes a concept is simple but the tech behind it is not. This is ...

FDA approves bionic eye for adults with rare genetic disease

Elizabeth Armstrong Moore | 
The following is an excerpt. For most of us, light-sensitive cells that line our retinas convert light rays into electrical ...