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Viewpoint: Golden Rice—how ‘stultifying overregulation, fear and hostility’ kept a GMO superfood off the market

Ed Regis | 
The superfood thus seemed to have everything going for it: It would be the basis for a sea change in ...

With the age of biotechnology here, China’s spotty history with bioethics raises concerns

Yangyang Chen | 
As China’s advances in biotechnology come closer to the secrets of life, they pose tantalizing prospects for the future. But when standards ...
Chinese Medicine

Viewpoint: China’s push to export its traditional medicine threatens to pump up ‘pseudoscience’

Alex Berezow | 
[T]raditional Chinese medicine is thoroughly institutionalized: Every major city has a traditional medicine hospital and university. A special government department exists ...
Screen Shot at AM

Russian politicians embrace pseudoscientists in campaign against GMOs

Maria Antonova | 
Irina Yermakova [is] a biologist and regular commentator on Russian national television. Yermakova is on the record as believing that men, as ...

GPS, drones, robots: Precision agriculture transforming food and farming

Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer | 
Thanks to what is known as “precision agriculture,” farmers can now collect precise data about their fields and use that ...
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World woefully under supporting Ebola response

Laurie Garret | 
World, you still just don't get it. The Ebola epidemic that is raging across West Africa, killing more than half ...

Genetic testing of far-right Hungarian politician provokes an uproar

Allison Good | 
If you think running for office in the United States is rigorous, then you haven't met Hungary's far-right Jobbik party ...