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Viewpoint: When politics and emotion dictate pesticide safety rules, farmers lose

Frank Giles | 
What happens when science is overwhelmed by politics, rhetoric, emotions, and the vessels now used to perpetuate it — social ...
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CRISPR 2.0: New gene-editing tools offer plant breeders greater precision

Kenong Xu | 
There is no best, only better. This seems truly the case in the history of genome editing technology. When the ...

Nearly half of US fruit growers want biotech crops, survey shows, but fear consumers won’t buy GMO products

David Eddy | 
And you thought growers could go on and on about problems with the weather, or their employees, or any of ...

Environmental groups ‘hijack’ bee death narrative to push political agenda, citrus farmer says

Joel Nelson | 
As we enter the fall months, it is safe to say the 2017-18 California citrus crop year was a success ...
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CRISPR is poised to revolutionize biotech crops if politics doesn’t block it

Frank Giles | 
Back in 2016, I wrote a feature story for Florida Grower magazine on the potential of CRISPR/Cas9 to improve agricultural productivity and maybe even ...
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Genetic engineering may provide only long-term solution to citrus greening disease, National Academies of Sciences report says

Frank Giles | 
A single breakthrough discovery for managing citrus greening (also known as Huanglongbing or HLB) in Florida in the future is ...

Viewpoint: Anti-GMO opposition to CRISPR gene editing driven by skepticism of corporations, capitalism

Frank Giles | 
The Des Moines Register recently reported on research ... which unveiled Russian funding for and promotion of articles that question the ...
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GMO citrus, tomatoes and grasses––resistant to disease––next frontier in hopes for consumer embrace of agricultural biotechnology

Frank Giles | 
While the majority of traditional row crop acres are genetically engineered (GE), there are not many specialty crops that incorporate ...
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Popular TED Talks explore future of agricultural innovation, biotechnology

Frank Giles | 
The well-known TED Talks is a clearinghouse of big thinkers and big ideas, and quite a few of them have ...
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Understanding transgenics: How genetic modification in conventional crop breeding and GMOs differ

Carol Miller | 
“GMOs are a hot topic and very misunderstood by many,” [Bejo Seeds Senior Tomato Breeder Doug Heath] says. “It is ...

Cornell scientist says GMO label would encourage consumers to eat less processed foods

David Rosenberger | 
In the short term, the produce industry would probably benefit from legislation requiring foods containing GMOs be labeled as such, ...