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Is Monsanto’s focus on crop biotechnology backfiring?

Tom Philpott | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  Pity Monsanto, the genetically ...
farmer suicides

Industrial agriculture, not GMO cotton, root of India farmer suicide problem

Tom Philpott | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Since the mid-1990s, around 300,000 ...
px Bullfrog natures pics

Dangerous chemicals causing sex changes in frogs? Yes, natural ones

Tom Philpott | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. It's not easy being ...

Gene editing could end cruelty to dehorned dairy cows–unless GMO opponents derail it

Kat McGowan | 
Most of the roughly 9 million dairy cows in the United States have been dehorned—with an iron, clippers, or caustic ...

Could Africa’s own indigenous ‘superfoods’ rival GMOs?

Tom Philpott | 
Superfoods exist in Africa thanks not to the genius and beneficence of a foreign company, but rather through millennia of ...
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Monsanto slammed for Syngenta takeover proposal

Tom Philpott | 
Once an industrial-chemical titan, GMO seed giant Monsanto has rebranded itself as a "sustainable agriculture company." That rhetoric may have ...
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Reporter at Mother Jones, usually virulently anti-GMO, declares GMO’s ‘totally safe to eat’

Tim McDonnell | 
Chipotle announced this week that it will stop serving food made with genetically modified organisms. The company wants you to ...

Global trade deals could pry open EU market for GM crops

Tom Philpott | 
President Obama and his Senate GOP critics are locked in a long-simmering feud, but there's one topic that has them ...

Anti-organics researcher foodies love: Brian Wansink explains how to ‘trick’ ourselves into eating healthier

Kiera Butler | 
Brian Wansink, a Cornell food psychologist runs Cornell's Food and Brand Lab, devoted to studying how our physical surroundings—everything from supermarket ...

How will law enforcement use new rapid DNA-scanning technology?

Shane Bauer | 
Robert Schueren shook my hand firmly, handed me his business card, and flipped it over, revealing a short list of ...

Monsanto’s next horizon: Big Data

Tim McDonnell | 
You probably know Monsanto as the world's leading producer of genetically engineered seeds—a global agribusiness giant whose critics accuse it ...
dr bronners

Should Science and Nature run advertorial by wacky Dr. Bronner’s that misleads on GMOs?

Tom Philpott | 
David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, presides over a company with famously wacky product labels. ... But apparently, Bronner's ...

Anti-GMO activists hope floodgates will open if Oregon passes labeling law

Josh Harkinson | 
Is this the year that voters will finally insist on knowing which supermarket foods contain genetically modified organisms? Activists in ...
Liberal vs Conservative

Anti-GMO fervor and vaccine rejection not the liberal equivalent of climate denial

Chris Mooney | 
For a long time, those wishing to claim that Democrats and Republicans both reject science—we're all biased, just in different ...

Tom Philpott on genetically engineered ice cream: Synbio-created vanilla bean improves flavor

In an article in Mother Jones, food writer Tom Philpott reports on the use of synthetic biology to make vanilla ...

Cosmos continues to stir up creationists

Chris Mooney | 
The latest episode of Cosmos, devoted to explaining the nature of space, time, and the speed of light, presented a ...
bonobo px

Chromosomal fusion shows when you, me, and the Neanderthals evolutionarily split from great apes

Chris Mooney | 
Orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos have 24 chromosome pairs. But humans and our closest extinct ancestors have 23 as a ...

Is Monsanto hedging its bet on GMOs?

Tom Philpott | 
Is genetically modified seed giant Monsanto doing the unthinkable and moving away from genetically modified seeds? I've called Monsanto's press ...

Why I’m still skeptical of GMOs

Tom Philpott | 
Over the weekend, listservs, blogs, and Twitter feeds lit up with reactions to Amy Harmon's New York Times deep dive into the politics ...

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps uses products to fight for GMO labeling

Josh Harkinson | 
David Bronner, who runs Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, has been a prominent voice in Washington's GMO labeling Initiative I-522. He ...

Chipotle’s claim of reduced GMO use crumbles under scrutiny

Dana Liebelson | 
Dana Liebelson of Mother Jones investigates Chipotle's claims of  reducing the use of GMOs and using locally sourced, organic ingredients. She ...

How population genetics may help explain economic growth

Kevin Drum | 
Alex Tabarrok links to a short post today by a couple of researchers who study the transmission of ideas throughout history ...

Conspiracy theorists are more likely to distrust vaccines, GMOs

Christ Mooney | 
If you believe in one conspiracy theory, like that the NASA moon landing was fake, you're likely to hold anti-scientific ...
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Mother Jones: Is synthetic biology something to fear?

Tom Philpott | 
The funded synthetic biology Glowing Plant kickstarter campaign raises questions and fears for some ...

Conservative immigration scholar claims genetic component to racial disparities in IQ

Adam Serwer | 
The following is an excerpt. Find a link to the full story below. Jason Richwine, the coauthor of the conservative ...

Will Monsanto ties influence nutritionists’ stance on GMOs?

Tom Philpott | 
The following is an excerpt. The GMO seed giant Monsanto recently flexed its muscles in Congress, working with a senator ...

5 ways biotech is changing our pets and wildlife

Sarah Zhang | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Ever since humans first tamed a friendly wolf, we've been shaping animals to conform ...
grains world

World’s GM crops crops larger than U.S. by half

Jaeah Lee | 
Mother Jones offers an excellent visual breakdown of the recent ISAAA report on the global prevalence of GM crops ...