Anti-GMO fervor and vaccine rejection not the liberal equivalent of climate denial

| | September 12, 2014

For a long time, those wishing to claim that Democrats and Republicans both reject science—we’re all biased, just in different directions—have relied upon two key issues in making their case: vaccines and genetically modified foods, or GMOs.

The suggestion is that these are basically the liberal equivalent of evolution denial or global-warming denial. Skeptic magazine founding publisher Michael Shermer, for instance, prominently cited resistance to GMOs in a Scientific American article last year entitled “The Liberals’ War on Science.” As for vaccines? In a recent segment entitled “An Outbreak of Liberal Idiocy,” no less than The Daily Show suggested that vaccine denial is a left-wing scourge.

GMO concern appeared largely spread across the spectrum in a January 2013 CBS News poll, and while it was somewhat stronger among Democrats (and, as especially strong on the far left), it was also very strong among Republicans and independents. 92 percent of “very liberal” respondents were either “somewhat” or “very” concerned about GMOs, compared with only 71 percent of “very conservative” respondents. 

So why, then, do people so readily assume that vaccine and GMO denial are fundamentally left-wing causes? I suspect because those of us who live in liberal, largely bicoastal cities meet vastly more liberals than conservatives; and thus, we are far more likely to actually encounter liberal or left-wing people who hold these beliefs.

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2 thoughts on “Anti-GMO fervor and vaccine rejection not the liberal equivalent of climate denial”

  1. Stop pretending conservatives are as anti science as liberals…
    I live in rural Utah, I farm. Conservative? Yup. (LDS? No.) I am a masters level social worker(with an emphasis in rural health policy & administration ). Liberal? Yes.

    No group is fully homogeneous. In fact, a group of my farmer friends were civilly discussing the flu vaccine. Just yesterday. About half embraced it, half did not. All women, all educated. Surprised? About which part I wonder….(farmer->women->or educated…?)

    One can generalize regarding the beliefs held by region, but that is best left to pundits, political hopefuls, “reality TV” purveyors and marketers.

    And while I feel the crevasse between farm/table and rural/urban has been promoted in the entertainment media (I mean all city people are like Kim Kardashian right? Paris Hilton? And all rural like Duck Dynasty…honey boo boo perhaps?). And fueled by the frenzy of “liberal vs conservative” news mefia.The responsibility then falls on the individual to bother to learn about the other.

    To help we have created a FB page and website called Ask the Farmers, where individuals can ask real farmers questions. All of whom are women. From all over the country, and about every type of operation. It is one that I feel can really speak to some of our fearful anti-science urbanite friends, many of whom are women..too

    Time to talk to real people. Food and medicine are too critical to make into popularity contests or elitist efforts. No . Please, lets leave the mean girl tactics to the fashionistas and NFL.

    We’ve a nation to keep healthy. Lets talk.

    With regards,
    Jennifer J. Hobby MSW, CSW, mother, wife, woman, caregiver, college instructor, and herd manager for Birch Creek Sheep.

  2. Good ole Chris Mooney and his politically driven pseudoskeptic hypocrisy.

    “It’s not anti science when the Left does it!”, he cries, using as a podium a notoriously anti-science Communist agitprop rag.

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