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Next Congress might steer course of CRISPR revolution by setting ethical limits on gene editing of human sperm and eggs

[W]hat if geneticists could sidestep the [human embryo genome editing] controversy by editing sperm and eggs instead? According to a ...
Waterhemp in soybean stubble x

Waterhemp weed uses genetic ‘tricks’ to outsmart herbicides, threatening farmers’ crop yields

Lauren Quinn | 
The weed that represents the biggest threat to Midwestern corn and soybean production, waterhemp, has outsmarted almost every kind of ...
px soybean cyst nematode and egg sem

Soil fungus could suppress soybean cyst nematodemore—cause of over $1 billion in yield losses every year

The soybean cyst nematode sucks the nutrients out of soybean roots, causing more than $1 billion in soybean yield losses ...
gmo monsanto protest toronto

Silent majority? Most Americans may embrace biotech, but vocal anti-GMO minority dominates the conversation

[Citrus greening disease] is threatening to topple the multibillion-dollar citrus industry in the U.S. by infecting millions of acres of ...
No Till Corn on Corn planted into Oats and AU Robin Crimmson Clover

Warmer temperatures may preserve nutritional quality of food crops—at the expense of lower yields

Recent research has shown that rising carbon dioxide levels will likely boost yields, but at the cost of nutrition. A ...

Crops engineered to photosynthesize more efficiently boost yields 40%

Plants convert sunlight into energy through photosynthesis; however, most crops on the planet are plagued by a photosynthetic glitch, and ...
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‘Non-GMO’ ranked near top, ‘organic’ at bottom in study of consumer meat preferences

For many consumers, buying a gallon of milk is much more complex than finding the preferred fat content and expiration ...
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Elephant grass shown to be higher yielding biofuel than switchgrass

Scientists have confirmed that Miscanthus [elephant grass], long speculated to be the top biofuel producer, yields more than twice as much ...

Decades of research lead to new soybean diversity, rust-resistant soybean

It took decades of painstaking work, but research geneticist Ram Singh managed to cross a popular soybean variety ("Dwight" Glycine ...

How high speed computers can team with genetic engineering to feed the world

Using high-performance computing and genetic engineering to boost the photosynthetic efficiency of plants offers the best hope of increasing crop ...

Genetically modified crops are overregulated, says food science expert

Chelsey B. Coombs | 
The following is an excerpt. The overregulation of genetically modified crops is a response not to scientific evidence, but to ...

“RIPE” project to increase crops’ photosynthetic efficiency

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has received a five–year, $25-million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to ...
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