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Extraterrestrial alert: 737 places where aliens might be hiding

The Exotica Catalog was put together by researchers from Breakthrough Listen, a decade-long program seeking to find signs of intelligent ...

Human carelessness one of the ‘biggest risks if we encounter extraterrestrial life’

As humans explore the solar system, the tantalizing possibility of discovering extraterrestrial life continues to pop up. But the goal ...
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Life on Earth is carbon-based. But that doesn’t mean other planets have to use the same building block.

All life on Earth, and thus, all life we've ever observed in the universe, shares a few basic characteristics. Its ...
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If aliens exist, we could signal them with a massive laser…and why that’s a bad idea

If extraterrestrial life exists in our neck of the Milky Way, how would we make our presence known to one ...
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Is ‘interstellar visitor’ an alien probe? ‘We should be appropriately skeptical’

One year ago, in October 2017, astronomers detected the first confirmed interstellar visitor to our solar system – an asteroid dubbed Oumuamua ...

‘People are primed for ET’: Why the discovery of alien life won’t frighten us

On [October 30] 80 years ago, actor Orson Welles announced to audiences in a chilling radio performance that Martians were ...

Deep dive for aliens: We’ve only examined a ‘hot tub’ worth of cosmic ocean

[A] new study suggests we haven’t exactly taken a deep dive when it comes to hunting for other-worldly life forms ...
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In the search for aliens, we need ‘a robust definition’ of life

Even though we still struggle with finding a satisfactory definition of life, that doesn’t mean that we can’t think about ways that ...

What are the odds that aliens might actually look similar to us?

In his new book, Equations of Life: How Physics Shapes Evolution, Charles Cockell from the University of Edinburgh makes the argument ...

How probable is it that we’re alone in the universe?

Earlier this year I wrote about two ways of looking at the probability of there being advanced alien civilizations – the ...

Are we alone? If not, why hasn’t anyone dropped by Earth for a visit?

Scientists disagree on the probability that advanced extraterrestrials exist somewhere in the universe. Among the biggest arguments against aliens is ...
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