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GMO ‘Right to Know’ movement takes food off of plates of hungry in Africa, Asia

Unsubstantiated fears about the safety of GM crops in developed countries with an over-abundance of food has spread anti-biotech sentiment ...
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The sustainability case for “industrial agriculture”

Attacks on GMOs is often a proxy for criticisms of globalization, corporate agriculture, synthetic chemicals. But these debates often lose ...

Anti-GMO bungle: Claim GM genes pass from food into blood collapses

In 2013, when PLoS One published a research paper, Complete Genes May Pass from Food to Human Blood, anti-GMO activists ...
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Pro-GMO marchers shocked at unfocused anger of March Against Monsanto protesters

The most striking and at times frightening aspect of the March Against Monsanto was the unfocused vitriol voiced by the ...

What is a GMO?

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Golden Rice in India: Is it necessary? What are impediments to adoption?

The leading cause of life-altering disability in India is health risks linked to poor diets--which rice engineered to produce vitamin ...
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GMO battle: March Against Myths protests March Against Monsanto

Science Power Hour host Vern Blazek interviews Kavin Senapathy, co-founder of March Against Myths About Modification. Known as MAMyths, the ...

Food, genetic engineering and public opinion: Do popular concerns matter?

Confounding many scientists, the public remains skeptical of GM foods yet embraces biotech medicines. Why the difference? What can we ...
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