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EPA re-approves controversial weed killer atrazine, arguing benefits outweigh potential ecological risks

Atrazine is widely used in agriculture across a range of crops, primarily corn but also sugarcane and sorghum, as well ...

Viewpoint: Biologist Tyrone Hayes, author of suspect atrazine weed killer study, nominated for EPA’s Scientific Advisory Panel

Comments opened on the recent EPA nominations to serve on the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) .... The name at number ...

Viewpoint: How ‘lazy journalists’ helped anti-pesticide biologist Tyrone Hayes needlessly scare the public

What do you do when....someone asks to see the raw data that your dubious claims are based on? This was ...

After successful demonization campaign against herbicide glyphosate, anti-GMO activists and environmental groups take aim at atrazine

In July, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued an extensive report that reviewed decades of science and declared that a ...
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