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EPA reaffirms glyphosate herbicide poses no human health risk, says additional review slated for fall 2020

Progressive Farmer | 
EPA has finalized its interim registration decision on glyphosate, once again stating the herbicide poses no risk to human health ...
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EPA re-approves controversial weed killer atrazine, arguing benefits outweigh potential ecological risks

Progressive Farmer | 
Atrazine is widely used in agriculture across a range of crops, primarily corn but also sugarcane and sorghum, as well ...
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‘Dicamba fatigue’: State regulators anticipate more off-target damage from Bayer’s controversial herbicide in 2020

Progressive Farmer | 
Three consecutive years of off-target dicamba injury is taking its toll on the agricultural industry. Leo Reed even has a ...
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Bollworm pest shows signs of resistance to latest GMO Bt corn, cotton in southern US

Progressive Farmer | 
Also known as the corn earworm, the cotton bollworm has spent the last decade steadily evolving resistance to most of ...

State officials urge EPA to permit additional restrictions on controversial herbicide dicamba

Progressive Farmer | 
The nation's state pesticide regulators are fighting back after EPA's recent announcement that it is considering limiting states' ability to ...

Controversial weed killer dicamba could have outsized negative impact on consumer perceptions of pesticide safety

Progressive Farmer | 
For better or worse, the widespread use of dicamba is pushing an entire industry to scrutinize how herbicides behave, how ...
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Replacing neonicotinoid pesticides is no easy task, Canadian farmers say

Progressive Farmer | 
In 2015, the Canadian province [Ontario] instituted regulations requiring farmers to prove they have soil pest populations in corn and ...

Can governments, public keep up with gene-editing revolution in agriculture?

Progressive Farmer | 
A mushroom that doesn't brown. White flour with as much fiber as whole-wheat flour. Corn that can fend off northern ...
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Bollworm resistance to Bt cotton problematic for southern farmers

Progressive Farmer | 
From the Carolinas to Texas, the cotton bollworm is leading an assault on Bt cotton again [in 2017]. Growing resistance ...
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Debate swirls over yield and bee health impact of neonicotinoid seed treatments

Progressive Farmer | 
A study by Purdue entomologist Christian Krupke [May 2017] was the latest to conclude that honeybees are widely exposed to ...

USDA considers release of GM moths to control broccoli pest, GM virus to stop citrus greening

Progressive Farmer | 
Diamondback moths are a global pest of cruciferous crops such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cabbage. On April 18, USDA ...
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Insect resistance to Bt crops and weed resistance to herbicides rose in 2016

DTN/Progressive Farmer | 
Insects and weeds pushed many chemical and genetic crop protection tools to their breaking point. A wealth of confirmed and suspected ...
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USDA quietly opens door to CRISPR crops, starting new era of agricultural biotechnology

DTN/Progressive Farmer | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. USDA quietly opened the ...

‘Refuge-in-a-bag’ corn seed mixes may be accelerating Bt resistance in insects

DTN/Progressive Farmer | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Farmers love "refuge-in-a-bag" (RIB) ...

Despite concerns about neonic pesticides, farmers still prefer them

DTN/Progressive Farmer | 
Neonicotinoid insecticide seed treatments, which cost extra and have come under attack on multiple fronts in the past year, might ...