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Viewpoint: Federal court banned dicamba weedkiller at worst possible time for farmers

Bob Wieland | 
As a farmer whose family has raised soybeans, corn, and pumpkins for the last 50 years, I know first-hand how ...
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Federal court upholds dicamba weedkiller ban, opening door to possible Supreme Court challenge

Emily Unglesbee | 
On [August 17], three dicamba registrants lost one of their last remaining legal options to overturn a federal court's mandate ...
Spraying young cotton plants in a field

Bayer, BASF, Corteva urge federal court to review dicamba weedkiller ban, calling it ‘unconstitutional’

Emily Unglesbee | 
Bayer, BASF and Corteva Agriscience continue the fight to preserve postemergent dicamba use. The companies are contesting the results of ...
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EPA defends decision allowing farmers to use banned dicamba herbicides until July 31

Emily Unglesbee | 
EPA defended its decision to allow farmers to continue to use three vacated dicamba herbicides -- XtendiMax, FeXapan and Engenia ...
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Court that revoked EPA dicamba weedkiller approval could also ban Enlist Duo herbicide

Emily Unglesbee | 
The agricultural industry was rocked by a federal appeals court ruling that vacated the registrations of three dicamba herbicides [in ...
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Farmers scramble to find herbicide alternatives after court overturns EPA dicamba weedkiller approval

Emily Unglesbee | 
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a decision [June 3] vacating the registrations of three dicamba ...
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States want tighter EPA restrictions on dicamba weedkillers after another year of ‘skyrocketing’ crop damage

Emily Unglesbee | 
On April 28, the Association of American Pesticide Control Officials (AAPCO) sent EPA a letter asking that the agency consider ...
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Activist-led lawsuit alleges EPA glyphosate weedkiller approval violated Endangered Species Act

Todd Neeley | 
EPA's interim registration approval of glyphosate in January now faces its first court challenge, as a number of food safety, ...

EPA watchdog to determine if agency followed ‘scientifically sound principles’ in approving dicamba herbicides

Emily Unglesbee | 
The inspector general of the EPA is planning to look into whether EPA acted properly when it registered dicamba in ...
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New ‘super weed’ crisis emerging? Dicamba herbicide failing to stop growth of Palmer amaranth pigweed in greenhouses experiments

Emily Unglesbee | 
University of Tennessee weed scientist Larry Steckel has spent the past two months coaxing Palmer amaranth weeds to grow from ...
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EPA reaffirms glyphosate herbicide poses no human health risk, says additional review slated for fall 2020

Emily Unglesbee | 
EPA has finalized its interim registration decision on glyphosate, once again stating the herbicide poses no risk to human health ...
burndown herbicide application sprayer Don McCabe M A

EPA re-approves controversial weed killer atrazine, arguing benefits outweigh potential ecological risks

Emily Unglesbee | 
Atrazine is widely used in agriculture across a range of crops, primarily corn but also sugarcane and sorghum, as well ...
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‘Dicamba fatigue’: State regulators anticipate more off-target damage from Bayer’s controversial herbicide in 2020

Emily Unglesbee | 
Three consecutive years of off-target dicamba injury is taking its toll on the agricultural industry. Leo Reed even has a ...
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Bollworm pest shows signs of resistance to latest GMO Bt corn, cotton in southern US

Emily Unglesbee | 
Also known as the corn earworm, the cotton bollworm has spent the last decade steadily evolving resistance to most of ...

Viewpoint: ‘Anti-GMO lobby’ campaign against AquAdvantage salmon won’t end as fish heads for American plates

Chris Clayton | 
It’s been an 11-year, $30 million regulatory journey for genetically modified salmon to end up on American plates, and it ...
Scientists spreading virus that killed Piglets in China x

Streamlining biotechnology regulations: Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to lobby Trump for joint USDA-FDA CRISPR gene editing animal oversight

Chris Clayton | 
Arguing against regulations classifying livestock as drugs, the National Pork Producers Council wants the Food and Drug Administration to yield ...

State officials urge EPA to permit additional restrictions on controversial herbicide dicamba

Emily Unglesbee | 
The nation's state pesticide regulators are fighting back after EPA's recent announcement that it is considering limiting states' ability to ...

Controversial weed killer dicamba could have outsized negative impact on consumer perceptions of pesticide safety

Emily Unglesbee | 
For better or worse, the widespread use of dicamba is pushing an entire industry to scrutinize how herbicides behave, how ...

USDA bioengineered food labels could further confuse consumers about GMO ingredients

Jerry Hagstrom | 
When Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law in 2016, they hoped to end ...
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Replacing neonicotinoid pesticides is no easy task, Canadian farmers say

Emily Unglesbee | 
In 2015, the Canadian province [Ontario] instituted regulations requiring farmers to prove they have soil pest populations in corn and ...

Can governments, public keep up with gene-editing revolution in agriculture?

Emily Unglesbee | 
A mushroom that doesn't brown. White flour with as much fiber as whole-wheat flour. Corn that can fend off northern ...

Trump vs China: Trade war could hurt US GMO soybean farmers

Chris Clayton, Lin Tan | 
Alan Kemper, a farmer from Lafayette, Indiana, and former president of both the American Soybean Association and National Corn Growers ...
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Will the rest of the world follow the US in not regulating gene-edited crops?

The [USDA] says it has no plans to regulate advanced breeding techniques that achieve the same results as traditional techniques, only ...
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Agro-defense: Experts worry US could be caught off-guard by a biological attack on agriculture

Chris Clayton | 
The U.S. is woefully unprepared to cope with outbreaks of emerging livestock or crop pathogens and pests, whether those outbreaks ...
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Neonicotinoid seed treatments ‘best option’ for soil pests, but should be used judiciously, study says

Mark Moore | 
The topic of neonicotinoid seed treatments (NSTs) continues to keep researchers searching for answers. A study from the University of ...
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Crop armor: Genetic modification to protect plants from drought, climate change

Kathy Meyer | 
An army of scientists is hard at work to understand how plants sense, defend and adapt to harsh environments. ...
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Bipartisan group of 79 congressmen urge EPA, FDA to streamline agricultural biotech regulations

Todd Neeley | 
In a letter to three federal agency heads on Tuesday, a group of 79 bipartisan members of the United States ...
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Bollworm resistance to Bt cotton problematic for southern farmers

Emily Unglesbee | 
From the Carolinas to Texas, the cotton bollworm is leading an assault on Bt cotton again [in 2017]. Growing resistance ...