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The world faces ‘pollinator collapse’? How environmental advocates and the media get the science about the ‘bee-apocalypse’ wrong time and again

With neither the facts nor the science on their side, environmental advocacy groups are simply pounding the table ...

EPA weighs in on sulfoxaflor: Genetic Literacy Project Q&A on controversial decision to lift restrictions on alleged ‘bee-killing’ pesticide

The FDA replied to our questions with a detailed defense of its decision to lift restrictions on sulfoxaflor ...
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Viewpoint: Pervert science at your peril—anti-GMO campaigners, vaccine deniers and ‘bee-pocalypse’ scaremongers find common ground in ‘evidence rejectionism’

Widespread misunderstanding of the nature of science and the confirmation bias spawned by social media and the internet can have ...

How to scare people into supporting bad policy on bees and other pollinators

If you are a scientist with an agenda, nothing works better than cooking up a "modeling" study: junk in, junk ...
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