‘Sophie’s Choice’ in the time of coronavirus: Deciding who gets the ventilator

Three otherwise healthy patients go to the emergency department with severe acute respiratory failure. Only one ventilator, required to sustain ...

Viewpoint: Most Americans ‘woefully underprepared’ for bioethical decisions, including when to remove a loved one from life support

Many Americans will face some form of significant medical decision-making during their lifetimes, either for themselves or for their loved ...

Gene-editing technology creates ‘difficult ethical questions and moral dilemmas’

Emerging gene-editing technology is raising questions around the world about the ethics of altering the structure of life: DNA. From Europe ...

‘We simply don’t yet know enough’: International commission urges caution with human germline editing

Using CRISPR in a heritable way raises the stakes exponentially ...
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Would ‘designer babies’ herald a new era of eugenics?

September [2018] saw the announcement from scientists of the first manufacture of human egg cells in the lab. … Despite the apparent ...

Podcast: ‘Artificial womb’ raises awkward ethical questions about abortion, child welfare and health freedom

Biotechnology is fundamentally changing food and medicine. Thanks to genetic engineering, for example, we have access vitamin-fortified GMO crops, plentiful ...
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What the CRISPR baby controversy can teach us about ethics through the ages

[H]ow should we assess the ethics of new biomedical procedures when we know that society’s views may change?  More specifically, ...

We need transplantable organs. How far should we go to get them?

Human organs are vital to saving human lives, but how far should we go to create them? ...
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Kevin Folta looks back 5 years after release of controversial Séralini GMO rat study

The heavily criticized and retracted paper linked GMO consumption and glyphosate exposure to cancer in rats. The brouhaha that erupted ...
Making monkeys just to suffer: Is new autism model ethical?

Making monkeys just to suffer: Is new autism model ethical?

Genetic engineers created monkeys that model autism. But some question the ethics of creating such a model when our own ...

Artificial DNA acts just like the real thing. Does that mean we should we make it?

We know we can create 'artificial DNA'. The real questions are: Should we? and To What end? Should there be ...
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