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Viewpoint: Developing countries begin rejecting anti-GMO ‘fearmongering’ to reap benefits of biofortified crops

Gene and genome editing for crops has been presented as a reasonable solution to create healthier, more plentiful food but ...
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Viewpoint: Challenging the hypocrisy of GMO critic Carey Gillam

Carey Gillam is a former journalist for Reuters, and is currently the research director for US Right to Know (US ...
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Biofortified wheat variety could help stem nutrient deficiency in Africa, Asia

Nutrient deficiency in one’s diet is a common problem around the world, where different populations may lack a sufficient source ...
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Biofortification: Is it the next ‘Green Revolution’ for more nutritious food?

Plant breeders and biotechnologists are working to make crops more nutritious--a process called biofortification--to improve the diets and health of ...
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