Viewpoint: Challenging the hypocrisy of GMO critic Carey Gillam

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Carey Gillam is a former journalist for Reuters, and is currently the research director for US Right to Know (US RTK). Heavily funded by Organic Consumers Association, whose anti-vaccination campaigns have been tied to at least one measles outbreak, US RTK formed from the remnants of the failed GMO labeling campaign in California.

According to Carey Gillam the integrity of organizations that promote biotechnology is called into question by even the remotest of industry ties. In her book Whitewash she describes one such organization, Biofortified, as a partner of Monsanto because of a Monsanto email mentioning them as such.

In fact Monsanto put out a statement confirming that Biofortified is not a partner and has never received funding from them …. Biofortified also points out that Carey Gillam herself is called a tier II industry “contact” by Organic Valley in a similar email.


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What’s worse though is that Gillam gets upset when similar accusations are used against her …. The problem is that what she says is meant to insinuate that the beliefs of those she disagrees with are shaped by industry funding. People she points fingers at literally use her same words as a defense.

Read full, original article: Are we all ‘useful idiots’? The hypocrisy of an anti-GMO smear campaign.

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