Early test for autism could be possible by measuring levels of the hormone vasopressin

Low levels of the hormone vasopressin in early infancy may presage an autism diagnosis in childhood, according to a new ...
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Biomarkers could be key to blood test for concussions

There is no single distinguishing feature of a concussion. Most of these symptoms can also be present in other types of injury ...

Infographic: These blood biomarkers could be critical to diagnosing, treating Alzheimer’s

Researchers are investigating a host of molecules found in the blood that could reveal pathological processes in the brain. Here ...
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Viewpoint: We aren’t ready for biomarkers that could predict how long we’ll live

Over the past several years, scientists have identified four genetic and molecular biomarkers that potentially predict human and animal longevity ...
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New blood test for autism criticized as ‘not appropriate’ for clinical use

Doctors can now order a blood test that its makers say may help flag autism, but experts say the test ...
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Viewpoint: We need to get better at diagnosing Alzheimer’s if we hope to improve treatments

Alzheimer's disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., and unlike with cancer and heart disease, we ...
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Why identifying ‘autism genes’ is so elusive

Researchers are unlocking the mystery of autism's origin. Yes, it's mostly 'in the genes,' but what that means is one ...
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