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‘Humans often do dumb things’: ‘Unsettling similarities’ between responses to COVID-19 and the flea-driven 14th century black death

The flea-driven plague, also known as the “Great Mortality,” overran Eurasia and North Africa from 1347 to 1353, killing tens ...
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Podcast: From the Black Death to COVID-19—Investigating the ancient war between genes and disease

Kat Arney looks at the ancient war between our genes and the pathogens that infect us, from the Black Death ...

Eerily similar? Examining fates of the rich and poor during COVID-19 and 14th century Black Death pandemics

We're seeing this happen all over again with coronavirus ...

Even small villages were ravaged by Black Death, mass grave in the UK shows

Archaeologists recently excavated a mass burial of at least 48 men, women, and children on the grounds of a medieval ...

Medieval Europe’s devastating Black Death was caused by just two strains of the disease

The Black Death ravaged medieval Western Europe, wiping out roughly one-third of the population. Now researchers have traced the genetic ...
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Did medieval Black Death reach as far as sub-Saharan Africa?

[S]ome researchers point to new evidence from archaeology, history, and genetics to argue that the Black Death likely did sow ...
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Plague genome offers clues about origins of Black Death pandemic

Yersinia pestis, the subject of [Barbara Bramanti’s] research, is the bacterium responsible for three bubonic plague pandemics over human history ...

Black death plague is back; Correction it never left, thanks to evolution

Yes, the dreaded plague still haunts it. Why? Because as with any species, the bacteria that cause the disease have ...
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