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Swapping red meat for plant-based beef may cut cardiovascular disease risk

Swapping out red meat for certain plant-based meat alternatives can improve some cardiovascular risk factors, according to a new study ...
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Even one can of soda a day could increase risk of heart disease, study says

Even one serving daily of a sugary soft drink is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease. That's according to ...

‘Headed down the wrong road’: The quest for precision medicine distracts us from what already works

The dominance of genomics in biomedical research today is driven by scientific theory and opportunity, but it is pushing science ...
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Genetic mutation blamed for mysterious heart condition killing young members of Amish community

[D]octors at the Mayo Clinic say they’ve uncovered the cause of a mysterious heart condition that had suddenly killed over ...
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Evolutionary quirk: Humans are defined by ‘singular vulnerability’ to heart attacks

There are many things that set us humans apart from other species: large brains, bipedalism, a predilection for puns. But ...
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2 million years ago, we lost this gene. That may be why humans are so prone to heart attacks

One-third of global deaths are due to cardiovascular disease caused by atherosclerosis, when arteries are clogged with fat deposits. Although ...
4-23-2019 ptsd in the military risk factors causes signs prevalence prevention and treatment x

PTSD and other psychological traumas may increase risk of cardiovascular disease

People coping with psychological trauma have a heightened risk of developing cardiovascular disease, a large-scale study finds. Researchers used national ...

Humans on Mars? NASA must find way to protect us from radiation

Radiation exposure has proven dangerous for Apollo astronauts who traveled to the Moon. But radiation encountered by astronauts flying in ...
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